Professional Wedding Photography in Cornwall, Devon and the South West

A combination of unobtrusive images, group portraits and relaxed posed art images. A perfect way to showcase your day.

My name is Philip and I have been a full time professional photographer since 2005, which was the year I qualified as a wedding photographer through the British Institute of Professional Photographers (or BIPP for short).

The BIPP is the governing body for professional photographers in the UK, with a really strict entrance criteria. Guaranteeing the competence of the photographer in a wedding environment. But surprisingly in the whole of the Cornwall county there are only 4 qualified wedding photographers. It took me 2 years at College, 3 years at  university and 2 dedicated wedding courses just to qualify as a wedding photographer and I am proud of the quality of service we offer in the South West.

So when it comes to the most important day of your life – always use a qualified photographer.

Over the Years I have won numerous awards for excellence including the over all title of SOUTH WEST PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR in 2012, a title given to me by the BIPP for outstanding images (that year I won a total of 6 title award – best year so far) but always striving to improve on it.