Frequently asked questions

How much?
The price list is on the website, but we do break it down into smaller payments. There is a deposit of £100 to secure your date, £600 is payable on the day or the week before if more convenient. Then the balance due when the album has been chosen and is ready, or no later than 3 months after the wedding.

Is an album included?
A small keepsake album is included in the price, with larger albums are available as an upgrade. We feel this is an important feature, as nothing beats the quality and vibrance of a real printed image. In the world of digital imaging where people want their wedding images on there tablet or phone we also supply all of the images on a presentation flash drive as well.

How long do you keep the images for?
I keep every image from the day backed up as soon as I get back to the office. I still have the very first wedding I ever attended as an assistant photographer when I was still in university.

Do you shoot unobtrusive or do you pose us?
I do both. I believe it is your day, so it should be you who takes precedence. However for group shots and the signature art shots, these must be posed, however this is only so you look your best.

How long do the group shots take?
When a lot of family shots are required we have an easy way of doing groups all together. We get everyone together for a group shot, brides family on the left, grooms on the right – friends around the edges. Get the shot, lose the friends, get the shot split the family’s, get the 2 shots, then just close family, then just mums and dads on each side. 5 to 10 minutes (or there about) and we are done with all the groups. The less time your guests are hanging around waiting for a photographer the better.

What do you wear?
If we are at a wedding we dress smart. NO JEANS, NO T SHIRTS. (my pet hate is seeing wedding photographers in jeans)

How many images do I get?
We don’t limit the amount of images, but we don’t shoot just for numbers. We shoot as many images as it takes to capture the day. We do edit the images, (we take extra shots of groups just in case someone blinks. But we edit these out so you just get the best. All killers, no fillers.
If I had to put a number on it, single photographer on a short day with only a few guests around 200+,  full day large wedding two photographers up to 800 sometimes more.

When will the images be ready?
They will be ready to view within 2 weeks (usually when you return from your honeymoon. As for the album, when you have chosen the images for the album we send them to the album company who usually take around 4 weeks.

How can my guests see the images and can they purchase images from you?
With your permission we can put the images online, password protected. Where they can view and purchase images of their liking. With every wedding we include thank you cards with a signature image of the bride and groom on, but on the inside we also include the password for seeing the wedding images.

What happens if it’s raining?
I get wet. It doesn’t affect the quality of the images. If you still want to have outside images, we can always shoot with umbrellas protecting the bride and groom. But if you would prefer not to venture outside we can be creative with inside shots. (Decorative arches, group shots on the stairs, that sort of thing).

Are you qualified?
Myself, I have had 2 years at college, studying A level photography and creative photography, then a further 3 years at university (full time) studying lens based photo media. An apprenticeship with a wedding photographer and 2 professional wedding courses for the latest wedding techniques. But after all of this, I still had to submit a panel of work for my professional qualification in Wedding photography from the BIPP. this was not an easy qualification to get. I submitted 20 of my best images and they rejected 11 of them. Sent me away with a mentor, and after 3 months my 20 best images sailed through with 100% success rate. I am very proud of this, as there are only 4 photographers in the Cornwall area that have a professional qualification through the BIPP. Since then I have won 17 awards throughout the years, including the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP) South West Photographer of the Year 2012. You can never be over qualified.
THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT – NEVER HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER THAT IS NOT PROFESSIONALLY QUALIFIED. There are 100’s of photographers in the South West area that claim to be professional, but have no qualifications at all. But still charge a professional fee. Even some who claim to be qualified are not professional qualifications. Some even pay for a title (top 10 wedding photographers) where others are just camera clubs for people who shoot weddings (SWPP).

Do I need to feed you?
No, you pay us to be there, you certainly don’t have to give us an expensive hotel meal.

How do we pay?
Payment via BACS, cheque. Or cash if you prefer. We do take card payments but there is a 1.5% charge on  card payments.
If you would prefer we can set up an instalment plan prior to the wedding to make budgeting easier.

What areas do you cover?
At our standard rate we cover the whole of the South West. However we do cover the UK but we charge a distance charge to cover travel expenses.

How long do you stay on the day?
Our half day covers from the ceremony to the wedding breakfast (Around 6 hours). If you have the speeches before the meal we also cover that as well.
However our full day is for bridal preparation to first dance (around 12 hours) so we capture all the details of the biggest day of your life.