My style

smallmystyleA wedding photographer is a personal choice, so it is all about getting the style you want. For me, taking photos at a wedding is a cross between an unobtrusive coverage style with lightly posed creative art shots, also known as signature shots. Most people want some group shots, family and friends, these can be done quickly and without fuss for an organised photographer, so there is more time for you and your guests to socialise rather than waiting around for the photographer to go through endless variations of the same group. After all, this is your day.

Over the years different styles have come and gone where wedding photography is concerned.  The biggest was when photoshop first became popular where people started using effects filters on their images. If this is what you want, no problem, if you would like selective colour, or a vintage look to the images -however without doubt it will date your images. What was popular just 5 years ago looks out of date today.  Nothing beats good quality images. Timeless for years to come. However today’s hipsters beards will become as dated as yesterday’s mullet. But even photoshop has its limits 🙂

If you are serious about wedding photography don’t just look at a few images – look at the wedding albums. Most photographers can produce a good image of a wedding, but can they produce a whole album of good images. This is where a lot of photographers fail. A few years back I had a student photographer shadow me on a wedding for experience – out of the 200+ images he created only 12 made the final cut. Out of those only 2 were chosen for her album. that’s less than 1%. So if this photographer who was in his 3rd year at university could only deliver 2 top class images for the client – what would they have done if he was the one they hired. On the strength of his 2 top images.

If you should wish to see an album or 2 please feel free to call us and we can do a home visit for you, or even set up a meeting at your chosen venue, so we can discuss picture locations.